Is your countertop system outdated and are you ready to make the switch to an easy and affordable soltuion with many more options? The 1stPayPOS® can be customized to any business type. Features that have quickly gained popularity among tablet POS users include the added portability, remote reporting, targeted marketing directly to customers, and the ability to both text and email receipts.


Automatic software updates and secure cloud-based server backup mean no more worrying about in-store PC backup, and the liabilities attached to it.  However, one of the biggest selling points of a tablet POS system remains its versatility and the potential to be customized in an endless number of ways to suit each individual business’ needs.

Cash Management

Cloud Backup

Inventory Management

The revolutionary POS system is here!

Employee Timeclock


24/7 Support

End-to-End Encryption


Email, Text or Print Receipts

Remote Management

Higher Profits

Everything you need to get started comes in the box!

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